Uniform Dress Code

For All Grades Except Toddlers

All school attire must be navy blue, royal blue, or white. See description below. (The Main Office does have a limited supply of used uniforms available.)

Uniforms must be worn at all times on campus and field trips except on designated days.

Jumpers Solid navy blue, (previous plaid pattern still acceptable) - Girls only.
Skirts / Skorts Solid navy blue, (previous plaid pattern still acceptable) - Girls only.
Shirts Button, polo, or turtleneck in white or navy blue
T-shirts White or navy blue solid or with school emblem
Pants Uniform style pant in navy blue: corduroy, cotton or twill (no jeans).
Leggings Blue or white under skirts, jumpers, or skirts only.
Shorts Navy blue, 1” above knee
Sweater Navy blue or white. Cardigans, vests acceptable
Sweatshirt Navy blue, royal or white solid plain or with school emblem
Coats Any color. Worn outside only
Shoes Solid color (black, navy blue, brown) or athletic shoes acceptable. No pointy-toe boots and no light-up shoes.
Hats & scarves Worn outside only
Hair Boys’ hair - above the collar and above the eyebrows.

Girls’ hair - worn away from the eyes. Natural hair color only. Hair ornaments in school colors.

Hairstyles deemed distracting by the administration are not appropriate.
Face Clean, no make-up
Hands Clean and short nails, polish not allowed


Toddler Students:

  • Uniform not required
  • All other guidelines apply
  • Cartoon characters are a distraction