Programs Overview


Montessori Academy at Spring Valley provides a solid, balanced program for Toddlers through 8th grade (ages 2½ - 14).

Mathematics is taught using the proven concrete Montessori materials. Students learn abstract concepts through concrete work.

Science is explored through a hands-on approach, as well as in our natural environment, making it fun and exciting!

Social sciences are taught to broaden the horizon of your child's understanding of the world cultures, ethnicity, and diversity.

Language work includes: reading, writing, spelling, creative writing, and grammar.

Arts and music provide stimulation for creativity and imagination.

Practical Life activities prepare children for life.

All subjects are enriched by concrete Montessori materials. The goal is to instill good citizenship values through practical life, grace, courtesy, social, and communication skills.

Student to Teacher Ratio

Montessori Academy offers a low student to teacher ratio, providing each child the individual help and instruction necessary to learn and succeed in the classroom and in life. Classrooms may have from 1 to 3 teachers depending on classroom size, and the age of the students in the classroom.


We have a staff of over 20 who work cooperatively to enrich the environment for your children.

All teachers are Montessori trained and certified. They are committed to excellence in education and to the individual needs of each child. Every teacher brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom.

Our staff and student body is 44% ethnically and culturally diverse.