Preparedness Plan

At Montessori Academy, we've had Emergency Preparedness Plans in place for years for a variety of emergency situations.

In an emergency situation:
  1. One staff member from each classroom contacts the office with a status report. 911 is contacted if needed.
  2. The responsible staff member from each building checks for safety (power lines, trees, etc.) and structural damage (inside and out).
  3. After assessment and information is gathered and needed supplies secured, families will be notified (if possible).

Practice Makes Perfect

There are many different types of emergencies that, as a school, we are prepared for and ready to execute our plan for. We hope these never happen, but we are prepared and ready with plans for many emergencies.

We practice these emergency drills throughout the year:

  • Fire Drills-Monthly
  • Lockdown Drills-Twice Yearly
  • Earthquake Drills-Every-other Month

Children find these drills fun, and they enjoy learning the reasons behind the drills. Knowledge is power.

One of our teachers noted that during the February 28, 2001 earthquake, all of the children in her Early Childhood class calmly followed exactly the correct and safe procedure. We don't want these emergencies to happen, but it's good to know that practicing works!

Emergency Supplies

At Montessori Academy at Spring Valley, each classroom is fully stocked with an emergency bin, supplies and student information forms. In addition, the school is also stocked with enough food and fresh water to last all of us 3 days.

Note: If your child has food allergies, you can bring a long-lasting, dry, non-perishable food in a ziplock bag that your child can eat. We won't return this food.

CPR & First Aid

All staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid, and their certifications are up-to-date. (Our staff was recertified at our last in-service day.)