Welcome to Montessori Academy at Spring Valley!
In-Person Classrooms

Toddler - 8th Grade

  • Montessori Academy is located on Pacific Hwy South
  • Our founder received instruction from Dr. Montessori herself
  • Our campus includes a Creek, Pond, and 14 acres of green
  • Our students learn IN our environment
  • Friendship is a natural part of school
  • PreK and Kindergarten students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, AND fractions
  • We have onsite ecology experiments
  • French at all levels: Preschool through 9th Grade
  • Ecology: we raise salmon from eggs
  • Ecology: we release salmon into the Hylebos creek
  • Mentoring: older students teaching younger students
  • Hylebos Creek: older students help younger students release a salmon
  • Preschool: Students learn life skills
  • Preschool: Students learn to pour
  • Middle School: Students learn to comparison shop
  • Exercise and Charity: Students participate in the American Heart Association: Jump Rope for Heart

2022 Science Fair and Open House

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When should you start private school?

Wall Street Journal: in Preschool: "...increasing enrollments for preschoolers in the year before [Kindergarten] school entry is a worthwhile investment that will have important economic payoffs in terms of ... later earnings." Read the full article

Why Montessori?

Forbes: The Future of Education Was Invented in 1906. "The reason why everything is the way it is in a proper Montessori classroom is simple: it has been shown through repeated experiment to work, in countless classrooms, across cultures, etc...the most recent science backs up Dr Montessori's findings--as well they should since they were drawn from experiment...The future of education is here. It's got nothing to do with laptops. It was invented well over a century ago. What are we waiting for?" Read the full article

Montessori v. Public School


We love our school

Lower Elementary Classroom showing their school spirit, while socially distancing.

Our classrooms made a list what they love about our school
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